Between Martin Luther King Day and Valentines Day, Ms. Linda Moreno’s second grade class at Joseph Wardlaw Elementary School completed 100 Acts of Kindness.

According to Moreno, the rule was that students could not report an Act of Kindness on themselves, as that was considered boasting. However, students who witness an act of kindness by another student could report it.

Moreno tracks the acts of kindness by placing hearts on the wall.

“I started this challenge many years ago (8-10).  I saw it in a project for honoring Martin Luther King, Jr,” said Moreno. “I love doing this project with my students because it does make them think about doing kindness for others and being more inclusive in their games and while working.”

100 Acts of Kindness for 2018

1. Kandyce was patient with her little brother.
2. Baleria held the door for her mom.
3. Himanshu holds the door for all of us.
4. Himanshu is making new friends.
5. Yvette included Kandyce in her game.
6. Kandyce brought Ms. Cassie and Ms. Moreno a tangerine.
7. Abdulrahman brailled a note for Ms. Moreno
8. Aek helped Ethan get unstuck from his jacket.
9. Adrian delivered a gift to Ms. Tisha.
10. Izon delivered a gift to Ms. Tisha.
11. Ms. Moreno gave a gift to Ms. Tisha.
12. Mayrin helped her mom cook dinner.
13. Loveron invited Adrian to play at rainy day recess.
14. Emily P. included Kandyce in her game.
15. Ezequiel helped Joseph when his tooth fell out.
16. Mayrin let Jotveer sit in front of her so she could see the movie.
17. Emily P. gave Violeta a high five.
18. Jotveer filled Mayrin’s bucket by calling her a best friend.
19. Ezequiel gives Abdulrahman directions on how to get around.
20. Yolanda wrote a friendship note to Seandale.
21. Luke brought Ms. Moreno a tangerine.
22. Maya helped Emily to the office when she was hurt.
23. Selena cleaned the livingroom.
24. Izon tied Joseph’s shoes.
25. Emily S. helped Izon when he fell.
26. Emily P. Included Kandyce in her game.
27. Maya included Kandyce in her games.
28. Emily P. included Maya in her game.
29. Kandyce included Maya in her game.
30. Emily S. tied Jotveer’s shoe.
31. Mayrin tied Jotveer’s shoe.
32. Luke took care of hi baby brother.
33. Seandale helped with the laundry.
34. Seandale helped make dinner.
35. Luke wrote thank you letters.
36. Luke helped wash the car.
37. Izon taught Emily S. how to jump rope.
38. Emily P. included Kandyce in jumprope.
39. Maya included Marcella in playing jumprope.
40. Emily P. invited Maya to play jumprope.
41. Aek helped Loveron to the office when he got hurt.
42. Baleria included Luke in her game.
43. Mayrin helped her little brother put away his toys and read to him.
44. Emily S. shared her crayons with Jotveer.
45. Kandyce painted a picture for Ms. Cassie and Ms. Moreno.
46. Maya gave Aek a pencil.
47. Luke gave Joseph a friendship note.
48. Jotveer included Emily P. in her game.
49. Selena held Baleria’s lunchbox.
50. Mayrin included Tamanveer in her jumprope game.
51. Ethan helped Emily S. and Seandale when they crashed during basketball.
52. Mayrin greeted more than 15 people.
53. Baleria included Kandyce and Maya in her game.
54. Mayrin told her neighbor a joke to make her laugh.
55. Baleria helped with recycling the trash.
56. Mayrin made a new friend.
57. Tamanveer included Mayrin in his jumprope game.
58. Loveron wrote Adrian, Izon, Seandale, and Ethan a thank you note.
59. Yvette included Selena in her game.
60. Yolanda taught Emily how to hoolahoop on her arm.
61. Violeta included Marcella in her jumprope game.
62. Seandale taught Izon the game HORSE.
63. Ethan asked Loveron to join in his game of tag.
64. Baleria invited Maya to play her game.
65. Adrian invited Ezequiel to play a game.
66. Izon learned to say “Hello” in a new language.
67. Izon is choosing to sit with different people at lunch.
68. Yolanda praised Emily P. for her award.
69. Yolanda included many new people in her soccer game.
70. Mayrin included manly new people in her soccer game.
71. Kandyce wrote a friendship note in Spanish and English to Mayrin.
72. Maya included Kandyce in her game.
73. Kandyce was an upstander for Maya
74. Izon gave Seandale a friendship note.
75. Marlou helped Abdulrahman to play soccer.
76. Loveron included Adrian in the soccer game.
77. Selena gave Violeta a compliment.
78. Abdulrahman included Mayrin in his game.
79. Loveron included Emily S. and Aek in his soccer game.
80. Aek unstuck Seandale from his jacket.
81. Yolanda taught Luke how to play color tag.
82. Emily S. took Baleria to the office when she got hurt.
83. Selena took Baleria to the office when she got hurt.
84. Jotveer wrote a friendship note to Yvette.
85. Ms. Cassie included Aek in a game.
86. Emily S. helped cook the family dinner.
87. Emily S. included Ezequiel in the soccer game.
88. Emily S. helped her aunt make the bed.
89. Seandale invited Baleria to his game.
90. Raneem included Kandyce in her game.
91. Mayrin included Kandyce in her game.
92. Ezequiel included Yvette in his game.
93. Baleria gave Emily a treat.
94. Emily S. gave Ms. Moreno a treat.
95. Violeta included Jotveer and Maya in her game.
96. Loveron included Luke in his soccer game.
97. Yolanda included Luke in her soccer game.
98. Marlou wrote Loveron a friendship note.
99. Loveron wrote Marlou a friendship note.
100. Mayrin included Kandyce in her game.
101. Selena wrote friendship notes to people in her class.
102. Baleria gave Emily a treat.
103. Violeta gave Yolanda a friendship note.
104. Joseph wrote a kindness letter to Ms. Moreno.
105. Tamanveer included Luke in his game.
106. Ezequiel included Luke in his game.


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