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During Wednesday night’s school board meeting, it was reported that the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) recently visited Vallejo High School and after a two-day visit, they received oral results that are expected to remove the school off probation and will award it a four-year accreditation.

The news was met with a round of applause.

Superintendent Adam Clark explained to the board that during these WASC interviews, they looked under every rock and provide an honest assessment of what is working at the school and what is not. He advised to the Board that the results were only communicated verbally, with the official results to be released in a report in June.

“Previously, Vallejo High School had been placed on probation, so this was Vallejo High Schools opportunity to re-submit their report and have another visit,” explained Clark. “I have to say, under the guidance of Dr. Sheila Quintana, along with teacher leaders, the visiting committee was very impressed.”

Clark further highlighted how WASC said the adults on campus have connections with students and that teachers have a voice of what is taking place.

“Obviously we have challenges and some concerns that were raised. Some of those concerns were within the classroom, teaching from bell to bell with students in their seats and teachers ready for instruction, and providing instruction until finish bell, that is just one example of feedback,” said Clark. “We are excited moving forward, there is still work to do, but this is a step in the right direction and we were proud of the collaborative effort to getting that accreditation.”

Trustee Robert Lawson congratulated Vallejo High School saying everyone did what needed to be done to correct the previously highlighted issues.

“Everybody is to be congratulated at Vallejo High School,” said Lawson. “The administration, the teachers, the students, the parents and the people who participated in the process. Hopefully they have the groundwork in place, once you have done this thing right then the key thing is not to forget about it but rather keep doing what you are supposed to do, WASC no longer becomes a chore, it becomes a part of life.”

Vallejo High School was placed on probation in May of 2016 due to safety, student tardiness, and an unkempt campus as major issues.

During public comments, Hazel Wilson spoke about how she was in attendance to celebrate as she attended the March 12 WASC opening meeting. On Tuesday, March 13, the WASC closing meeting noting the final report will not be released until June but stated how WASC had nice things to say about Vallejo High School.

“As a community member, parent and grandparent, I was very pleased at the commendations that was noted in the oral report,” explained Wilson. “They commended the science department, the academic support providers who work and support our students. Campus safety and cleanliness, the site safety supervisors, the academy’s and the academy model were given high praise.”

Wilson further highlighted how the Hospitality Academy provided the WASC team, their lunches, snacks and all other repasses were given high praise.

The official WASC report will be made available sometime in June.



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