During Tuesday night’s Vallejo City Council Meeting, Superintendent Dr. Adam Clark accepted a recognition by the city Council for Public Schools Month.

He accepted the proclamation on behalf of the District and thanked the City Council for their support.

“As the new superintendent of the Vallejo City Unified School District, I have been very pleased with our teachers, with our students, the community that is out there supporting the work we are doing. We have a tough job but I am very excited to be engaged in the work we are doing,” said Clark. “Again, I want to encourage everyone to visit our VCUSD website to learn some of the wonderful things taking place in our schools, in our district, and don’t believe everything you hear about the District, we are moving forward, moving up, and servicing our students and doing some great things for kids here in Vallejo.”

Clark also thanked the Masons for their continued support of the District.



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