Dr. Sheila Quintana, Principal of Vallejo High School, talks about changes made to the school over the past year. It was reported in March that the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) recently visited Vallejo High School and after a two-day visit, they received oral results that are expected to remove the school off probation and will award it a four-year accreditation.

00:11 – Quintana explains visit from WASC and were informed they are no longer on probation.
01:00 – Quintana explains the issues at Vallejo HS when she first arrived back in 2016, such as safety, closed campus. Highlights how changes began to occur.
02:20 – Discusses how they addressed teacher impact, 26 teachers resigned from school in June 2016.
03:25 – Improve attendance both from students and support from the community
04:40 – Quintana explains how Vallejo HS became student first and buy-in from students
05:20 – Quintana explains important of Restorative Justice and student leadership
07:20 – On working with parents of students and getting them involved
08:55 – Vallejo High School science program,
09:20 – Teacher engagement with students
10:33 – Shares custodial staff received a 98% score from Williams on quality of facilities.


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