Dear VCUSD Stakeholders,
It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you back for another incredible school year here within the Vallejo City Unified School District! The first week of school is a great time to establish procedures and routines that will contribute to a successful year. As in all previous years, I would kindly request PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING for the first few weeks of school as we iron out the details of our class sizes and teaching assignments. It is not atypical to have to collapse a class or shift students/teachers. With that said, I visited all 22 school sites on Monday, August 20th and I was thoroughly impressed with the smooth opening of school.
Although we have established three goals in our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), two critical areas of focus are attendance and communication. Of course, we would like students to attend school each and every day. Some absences are unavoidable; encouraging children with fevers, for example, to come to school is never a good idea. We know that in order for students to achieve at the highest levels they have to attend school consistently ready to learn when class starts. It is equally important that they feel welcomed and safe in our schools. However, research shows that when schools use their data to problem-solve, partner with families, remove barriers and provide students with supports and interventions, chronic absence drops, students’ exposure to instructional time increases, and students are more successful.
Communicating effectively and providing quality service to our schools, families, and community benefits all of our children. Several initiatives to improve our responsiveness to parents, families, students, and staff are underway, including developing standards for responding to parent concerns, formal complaints, and using technology to provide quick access to information and digital communication tools.
I want to highlight our LCAP goals:
  • Goal 1: Vallejo City Unified will increase parent and community engagement in improving student outcomes.
  • Goal 2: Vallejo City Unified will create safe, supportive, and engaging learning environments for students and staff.
  • Goal 3: Vallejo City Unified will increase the number of students graduating college and career ready.
There is a great deal of work that needs to be done in order to ensure every student reaches their full potential. No one person or group can do this on their own; we must all work together to support our students. I look forward to the future partnership with all VCUSD stakeholders. Thank you so much for your support!
Dr. Adam Clark


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