During the 2017-2018 school year, the Jesse Bethel NJROTC failed its bi-annual inspection. The inspector, Captain Daniel Wenceslaom shared his concern and made it clear that the program funding may be pulled if the program does not improve. Over the past two years the program has undergone several changes to support its improvement. These include the board approval of PE credit for the Naval Science classes, the addition of a second NJROTC teacher, the addition of a second classroom, the increase of enrollment and the overall support by the school. As a result the hard work of the cadets, Chief Hood and Captain Ortolano have paid off. Below is the recent announcement we made.

Congratulations to the Jesse Bethel NJROTC for earning Bravo Zulu on their Annual Military Inspection Thursday, February 6. Navy JROTC Area Manager Captain Daniel Wenceslao awarded the Bravo Zulu recognition to the unit, with a special pennant for its unit flag. Bravo Zulu is Navy code for “well done” and is awarded only to NJROTC units that truly stand out. This is the first Area Manager award the program has received since it moved to Jesse Bethel High School in 2010.Captain Wenceslao oversees all the Navy JROTC units in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Northern California, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Japan.

Congratulations to the following cadets who earned a perfect score on their uniform inspection: Destiny, Alondra, Roxanna, Trixie, Joshua, Andrick, Ilse, Jerica, Arianne “Sergeant,” and Sonia.

Additional congratulations to the following members of the NJROTC staff who were personally promoted to the following cadet officer ranks by the Navy JROTC Area Manager: Cadet/Lieutenant Junior Grade Monae, Cadet/Lieutenant Junior Grade Navneet, Cadet/Lieutenant Junior Grade Falonte, Cadet/Lieutenant Roxanna, and Cadet/Lieutenant Commander Sonia. When you see them around don’t forget to congratulate them!


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