Regional Education Center is proud to be Vallejo City Unified School District’s adult school. We have amazing staff and students and a school focus on helping adult learners reach their goals. Our students work hard to improve their English language skills, gain citizenship, complete a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate or develop career skills. Today, we highlight the accomplishments of two of our Class of 2020 graduates, by sharing their words.

“Whatever you did in High School, all the mistakes you’ve probably made, don’t think of it as a negative thing.  Adult School is a second chance for you.  Don’t think the classes here are like what you experienced in high school classes, you must take it seriously.  Don’t come here to socialize, come here and be serious to get your diploma.

I was job hunting before, but I felt like I was being turned away because I didn’t have my diploma yet.  I feel like the Career Prep class was beneficial.  It taught me what to say during interviews and helped me phrase my answers to interview questions into strengths.  It was great, I loved it.  For now, I will continue to volunteer at the library, but I am more confident and hopeful that I can find a paying job in the future.  I’m also thinking of joining the military.  I have family in the Navy so I’m leaning toward enlisting with that branch.  I’m just trying to keep my options open.  I actually have more options now that I have this done.”

Donald Parkies, Class of 2020

“I had a really good time here, there was a lot of support for me.  The childcare staff was so nice with my baby.  At first it was rough for him on the first few days because it was the first time he was away from me.  But after a while he was just fine, he has a good time there.

Mrs. Pawlowski was very helpful, she is so nice.  I started studying with the computer at first, but I preferred to work with the books.  Those were helpful for me, because they had pre-tests you could do and you could review your answers on the back of the books.  When I got stuck, I asked Mrs. Pawlowski for help, she was very nice.

Preparing for the Social Studies part was probably the most challenging for me.  Mainly because it was a lot of history of the United States and you had to remember a lot of dates and different events.  Science was easier only because I used to be a Biology teacher before in Columbia.

There was a lot of working on your own, because people are focusing on different tests.  But it is useful to sit in groups.  I think working in groups is beneficial because you can ask each other for help on certain parts.  You can’t be afraid to talk with your classmates.

I actually would like to become a teacher here in the United States someday.  Now that I’m done with this, I can start taking classes at the college so I can do just that.”

Faisuly Correa Rojas

Completed HiSET- Class of 2020




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