Dan Mini Elementary Presents

Mr. M aka J.R. Mutulac


Our Academic Support Provider is none other than the infamous J.R. Matulac. Our students know him as Mr. M. He is the face of Dan Mini as he greets many of our students and families in front of the school helping students cross safely as they enter or leave campus. He is there to assist with our buses and to maintain the safety and integrity of our morning and after school traffic.  Every morning when I arrive at 7:00 am he has already set up the cones to prepare for his daily safety routine.  He then prepares the playground for recess by ensuring the needed equipment is out and ready for recess.

He provides support to our students and staff in many ways. He organizes our Student Safety Patrol, Student Youth Leadership Team, and Restorative Circles.  In addition, he is our Student Success Team Coordinator and works closely with students, staff and families to ensure that all students and families are provided with the support they need to be successful at Dan Mini. He supports our PAX and PBIS Programs by modeling expectations. He provides a safe space for students who may need to refocus.

He works to build trusting relationships between the school and community. His planning and facilitation of our Full Service Community School Family Nights ensures high attendance with all resources maximized and accessed. He utilizes his relationships he has formed with multiple community partners to support our school community. These relationships have assisted in our approval of our Wellness Center Grant and we are awaiting our Safe Route to School Grant Approval.  This is just a small glimpse into all that our ASP, Mr. M does.


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