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The Vallejo City Unified School District is a medium-sized TK-12 school district serving approximately 14,000 students. We are comprised of 13 elementary schools, 3 K-8 schools (including 1 K-8 dependent charter school,) 3 middle schools serving grades 6-8, 2 comprehensive high schools, a continuation school, a community day school, and a unique school which provides support to families who choose an independent study/home study option. In addition, the District has an extensive child development and preschool program and an adult school which serves 4,000 adults.

School-based programs and support services provide a full range of special education services including a Deaf and Hard of Hearing program which attracts students from surrounding communities and a noted program for adults with developmental disabilities. Programs and services also include Gifted and Talented programs, support for English Language Learners, and interventions for low-performing students.

High school offerings include site-based Advanced Placement, Regional Occupational Programs (ROP), and Work Study. Beginning with the incoming 9th-grade class (Graduating Class of 2009), the course of study expectations for all students have been aligned with the UC/CSU A-G requirements so that all students have a range of post-graduation options whether they be a career, technical training or college.

Elementary Schools

Annie Pennycook Elementary 3620 Fernwood (707) 556-8590 Vallejo
Beverly Hills Elementary 1450 Coronel (707) 556-8400 Vallejo
Dan Mini Elementary 1530 Lorenzo Dr. (707) 556-8570 Vallejo
Elmer Cave Dual Language Academy 770 Tregaskis (707) 556-8410 Vallejo
Elsa Widenmann Elementary 100 Whitney (707) 556-8740 Vallejo
Federal Terrace Elementary 415 Daniels St. (707) 556-8460 Vallejo
Glen Cove Elementary 501 Glen Cove Pkwy 556-8491 Vallejo
Grace Patterson Elementary 1080 Porter St. (707) 556-8580 Vallejo
Highland Elementary 1309 Ensign Ave. (707) 556-8500 Vallejo
Johnston Cooper Elementary   612 Del Mar St. (707) 556-8420 Vallejo
Joseph H. Wardlaw Elementary 1698 Oakwood (707) 556-8730 Vallejo
Lincoln Elementary 620 Carolina (707) 556-8540 Vallejo
Loma Vista Elementary 146 Rainier St. (707) 556-8550 Vallejo
Mare Island Health and Fitness Academy 400 Rickover St. (707) 556-8560 Vallejo
Steffan Manor Elementary 815 Cedar Ave. (707) 556-8640 Vallejo


Middle Schools

Franklin Middle 501 Starr Avenue (707) 556-8470 Vallejo
Solano Middle 1025 Corcoran (707) 556-8600 Vallejo
Hogan Middle 850 Rosewood (707) 556-3510 Vallejo



Jesse M. Bethel High 1800 Ascot Pkwy                      (707) 556-5700 Vallejo
Vallejo High 840 Nebraska St. (707) 556-1700 Vallejo
John Finney High 233 Hobbs Ave. (707) 556-8670 Vallejo





Alternative Schools

Vallejo Educational Academy 301 Farragut
Ph: 649-3909 



Vallejo Regional Education Center



436 Del Sur 

Ph: 556-8850



Independent Study Academy

Everest Academy

Charter Schools

Vallejo Charter School   2833 Tennessee St.
  (707) 556-8620