JANE DOE IN WONDERLAND is a new play and survivor talk back raising awareness and education on sex trafficking, written through the collaboration of anti-sex trafficking non-profit organization Game Over, founded by survivor/educator Elle Snow, and MFA playwrights Grace Booth, Kate Tobie, and Erin Johnston.

Based on multiple sex trafficking survivors’ testimonials and Elle’s educational training, Jane Doe in Wonderland draws parallels between the well known story of Alice In Wonderland and how young women and men are lured into the world of sex trafficking—a world that exists in our own backyards. After a successful first tour of Humboldt County, CA last Spring 2017, Jane Doe is set to expand outside of Humboldt County and tour across Southern Oregon and Northern California throughout the first three weeks of April 2018.

Jane Doe is specifically written to be accessible for a high school audience, written in a manner that is non-violent or explicit. Jane Doe follows the most common case: that of a ‘Romeo Pimp’ targeting a rural high school girl by pretending to be her boyfriend before bringing her to an unfamiliar city and trafficking her. In addition to addressing the common ‘red flags’ of this type of trafficker, the play specifically addresses the most commonly asked question, “why don’t victims run?” When people understand the tactics a trafficker employs, their conception of ‘prostitution’ is turned upside-down. When teenagers understand what a ‘pimp’ is, their likelihood of being trafficked drastically diminishes.

Our hope is that by raising awareness amongst and educating this demographic we can prevent any more of our youth from becoming victims.

Sponsored by the Vallejo City Unified School District, Seneca, Soroptimist International of Vallejo & Solano County District Attorney’s Office, Jane Doe in Wonderland will be presented on April 18th at 7:00pm at the Empress Theatre for the public. Tickets are FREE for the public and can be reserved through the Empress Theatre. Every hour long performance of Jane Doe is followed by a survivor-talk back, in which audience members can ask questions and learn directly from a survivor’s experience. The show is appropriate for teenagers 14+.

If you would like to know more or are interested in how you can help support the project, you can email us at or visit our website at


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