The following trailer showcases two separate events that were held in March at Solano College for Vallejo High School on one day and Markham and Fairmont Elementary–there were nearly 170 elementary students in attendance.

According to Michael E. Silva, M.S., Professor, Solano Community College the events were held on March 2 and March 3.

“Both events have been structured to engage the students with hands on activities that allowing them to learn and develop skills that directly apply to college STEM courses and other critical thinking and problem solving techniques. The purpose of the event is to introduce the students to college, specifically Solano College, interact with a diverse group of faculty college students while having fun working in teams to overcome obstacles, that apply to STEM and our personal life. A1 Venture Programs will be facilitating activities designed challenge students to work in collaborative groups to overcome various challenges throughout the day, referencing the same problem solving techniques used in the scientific method. The activities and discussion topics, however, will be adjusted to be age appropriate,” explained Silva.


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