On April 11, Vallejo High School held a graduation celebration for parents who participated in a program that aims to better connect them with the schools offerings.

The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) creates partnerships between parents, students, and educators to further students’ academic achievement.

Over the nine-week workship, PIQE works with parents of how they can help ensure their students academic success and how to take an active role in encouraging and enabling their children to: Stay in school; Improve their academic performance; Develop healthy and constructive relationships with their parents, teachers, and counselors; and, focus/prepare themselves for a post-secondary education.

Several years ago, Stanford Research Institute performed a comprehensive evaluation of the PIQE program, and found that children of PIQE graduates had fewer disciplinary problems, spent more time on homework each night and were more motivated to attend college.

For additional information, see the The Parent Institute for Quality Education Web site.



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