VALLEJO, CA – The City of Vallejo announced the Cycle 5 Participatory Budgeting(PB) vote results on May 3 during the PB Vote Results Party. The record-breaking Cycle 5 Vote engaged 5,205 voters, more than any previous cycle in Vallejo.

The PB vote is the culmination of a 12-month process in which Vallejo residents and community members submitted, evaluated, researched and developed proposals for the PB ballot.


Project Title

Prioritizing Street and Pothole Repair $300,000.00 1821
De-Escalation & Public Interaction Training for Vallejo PD $173,000.00 1676
Meals on Wheels of Solano County – Home Delivered Meal Program $35,000.00 1181
Out-of-School STEAM Programs: Science and Art $75,000.00 966
Smarter, Greener Landscape Centers $120,000.00 826
Youth Program: Conflict Resolution Training $69,300.00 809
Exercise Fitness Trails $50,000.00 738
Financial Literacy for Children and Families $66,000.00 647
Bully Proof Our Kids $40,150.00 611
Welcome to Vallejo Signs
*Partial funding recommended to budget for $1 million cap
$71,550.00 607


The top voter-approved projects totaling $1 million, all ten projects, will be included in the Fiscal Year 2018-19 proposed budget and presented to City Council in June 2018. City Staff will work with implementing partners to develop contracts for approved projects.


Total Voters  
Cycle 1 3,917
Cycle 2 3,750
Cycle 3 3,098
Cycle 4 4,216
Cycle 5 5,205

The Cycle 5 Vote launched on April 1 and concluded on April 30, and all Vallejoeans (14 years or older) had the opportunity to choose up to two projects. Residents could vote online or in-person at the City Manager’s Office or other locations during April, including places of worship, high schools, Farmer’s Market and other community events.


The City would like to thank the Stanford University’s Crowdsourced Democracy Team for developing the online voting system and the Social Apps Lab at CITRIS UC Berkeley for developing the online proposal development platform. The City would also like to thank the Cycle 5 PB Steering Committee members, budget delegates, staff liaisons, City Council Liaisons, poll workers, outreach volunteers, and other community partners for making Cycle 5 a success.


In 2012, Vallejo became the first in the U.S. to implement a city-wide participatory budgeting process. Funded by Measure B, a one-percent sales tax originally approved by voters in 2011, PB is a democratic process that elicits project ideas from residents and stakeholders. Community volunteers, with the support of City staff, develop ideas into full project proposals for a special ballot. Over the course of four cycles, City Council has allocated $7.6 million to fund 34 projects.


For additional information, visit, or the PB Facebook page. All results can be viewed online.



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