On Monday, Vallejo City Unified School District in partnership with the Willie B Adkins Scholars Program hosted the 19th Annual Historic Black Colleges & Universities Recruitment Fair at Jesse Bethel high School.

Alan Rowe, CEO of U-CAN with Superintendent Dr. Adam Clark.

Superintendent Adam Clark called the event a “great success” after many students from across the District were offered scholarships and acceptance to colleges from across the country.


It had been a few years since the HBUC had been in Vallejo but under the direction of Superintendent Clark and the school board, the program returned in an effort to provide high school students with an opportunity to see what was available to them after high school.

Alan Rowe, president/CEO of U-CAN was excited to be back in Vallejo and highlighted the opportunity students have in front of them.

“We are excited to return to Vallejo and to the Vallejo City Unified School District.  Students get acceptance into college and receive scholarship officers to empower them to become the change agents that we want for the future,” said Rowe. “I am excited the District has re-embraced us to bring almost 40 colleges here.”

Rowe continued by explaining seeing the faces was all worth it because there were glows, lots of smiles, students were ecstatic that they were able to be offered acceptance and scholarships on the spot.

“Students have options and that is what we want students to have, options for four-year degrees and they can go to college,” explained Rowe. “They can then come back and make a difference in Vallejo as many have done in the past.”

Rowe also explained that the world was big and many students in California don’t realize the world is much larger and that these colleges have a variety of opportunities that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to know about.

“They get exposed on the spot with the virtual tours, they get the alumni who are now recruiters who are now apart of this process. They can see a full 360 viewpoint of what their future can and will look like if they just step forward and claim their victory.” said Rowe.

HBCU Has to Offer:

  • Speak with recruiters from 30-40 different HBCU’s representing hundreds of majors and professional degrees.
  • Receive application fee waivers
  • “On the spot” admissions from selected colleges, if qualified.
  • Scholarship awarded, if qualified.

For more photos of the event, be sure to visit our Facebook Page.



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