Highland Elementary Principal Amy Parangan offered a congratulations to Ms. Taylor’s 5th Grade class for being the first Attendance HEROs.

According to Parangan, classes “earn” one a letter, H-I-G-H-L-A-N-D, whenever they have 99% daily attendance.  After they earned all of the letters in “HIGHLAND,” classes get to choose a pizza party, a privilege, or afternoon activity.

The idea came up after Highland Elementary had several other attendance initiatives.

“We give weekly class prizes for each grade level that has the highest attendance and must be over 95%,” explained Parangan. “Students who have perfect attendance for the trimester qualify for a bike raffle.”

Parangan says their community partner, School Portraits by Mac, donates two bikes – one for the primary grades and one for the upper grades.

All classes qualify as soon as they earn all the letters for “HIGHLAND” says Parangan who explained attendance is vital.

“Every minute in school counts,” says Parangan. “Students who attend school consistently and arrive on time are more likely to be successful academically.”


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