When one thinks about reading in the library, it is often assumed sitting in a chair or at a desk and the reading will commence, but not in Ms. Teresa Morgan’s 4th grade class at Glen Cove Elementary.


According to Loida Smedt, Library Media Technician, the more comfortable kids are the more they become engaged in a book and quietly read. They can also quietly engage with one another while sharing a book.


Last week, Ms. Morgan’s glass came to the library and a student kept rocking his chair and other seemed uncomfortable sitting down while they were reading—there was more talking than reading going on.


Smedt explained that Ms. Morgan suggested they may sit on the floor if they prefer it and sure enough they suddenly became more engaged, quiet and relaxed.


“Amazing to see them reading more and talking less in the library,” said Smedt. “We saw the difference right away.  Watching the kids engaged at that very moment was one of those Kodak moments that we cannot let slip by.”


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