Calling all students! Patterson Elementary has the pleasure of being able to offer our students, who have missed school days, an expanded learning experience during our Saturday Academy! Any student who has had an absence throughout the year has the opportunity to make up missed learning time during an educational, fun and hands-on Saturday morning. 

During this time our students have learned new dance moves, made slime, learned about animal habitats, explored robotics, studied Chinese New Year and many more activities. The response we have gotten from students and families has been extremely positive. Many students have come back for multiple sessions (or have signed up for all 10 sessions!) and are upset when they have to go home because they don’t want the fun to end! 

Our teachers have enjoyed being able to serve our students in this way. It has allowed us to extend the engaging learning activities that students participate in during the week. There are so many experiences planned for our upcoming sessions as well. We are looking forward to being able to share this opportunity with more of our students. We are proud that we are able to provide this additional opportunity for our students to engage in fun, educational, hands-on learning experiences! Come join us!


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